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“ A big thank you to Preetpal for being so nice and understanding with the girls. Every dentist should be like you ” K.K.

“ I think Jayne is the best thing since slice bread, wonderful lady and a wonderful
dentist ” M.S.

“I have always had a phobia of dentists all my life, but thanks to your patience and understanding, I have been able to overcome my fears. Thank you greatly” J.B.


“ Always pleasant people and very friendly staff ” L.H.

“ I have been coming here all my life and everyone has always been really friendly.
Thank you ” C.H.

“ Staff are always friendly and welcoming. The dentist puts both myself and my children at ease ” M.H.


“ A friendly and professional service with a personal touch. Highly recommended ” A.K.


“ I would like to say a big thank you to Jayne especially and also all the staff for being so kind and caring. I was extremely scared of having anything done with my teeth going back to when I was a young child. Jayne helped me overcome this by being really patient and wonderfully understanding, she always seems to know how I’m feeling and now as a result I’m only a little scared. Thank you ” L.H.


“ Very friendly staff. Always fantastic service. Preetpal takes good care of our family
teeth. Thank you ” S.A.



“ We are always pleased with your service here. All the dentists (especially Preetpal) are great. They’re good at looking after our teeth. We love it here and the waiting room is super ” K.L.


“ This practice is and always has been a lovely place to be in. The staff are lovely, helpful, caring. The building is clean, nicely set out and homely. Thank you.” M.W.


“ This dental practice appears to me a very high quality in all the departments I’ve
been concerned with. The reception staff are very friendly and helpful. For 20 years
my dentist Mrs Millington Smith has done her very best for me in every way, plus
is especially friendly for a professional. Reception area is warm and cosy with
reading matter and entertaining fish. And the water is free for drinking ” J.T.O.